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I am a 17 years old photomanipulator and digital painter.
I started a year and a half ago to become interested in Photoshop because I saw that as a way to express my feelings, so every tiny manipulation of mine tells one story of my life.
I am not great but I am not so bad at manipulating.
Yes I still need practice just like everyone does because with practice we can reach perfection and we can get better and better.
A few months ago I started to become interested in digital painting too (also done in photoshop) and a few days ago I bought myself a tablet! I was so happy because I always used to paint with the mouse and it is pretty hard with it but not impossible.

I am open for :
- commissions
- photo-retouching
- CD/DVD covers
- tutorials
However I dont work for free anymore.
For the info message me at (please just for professional matters only)

My Website and FanPage

† She used to live,she always loved life,but clouds they came,and played their game,so she´d fade away,but will she stand up, to fight and protect her life,be what she wanted to be,an angel in the dark!! †


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